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Carmel's Vision Statement:

"An ongoing pursuit of excellence in facilities, programs and member service where golf, dining, wellness, swimming and tennis combine to make Carmel a place for fellowship and the club of choice for families in Greater Charlotte."

Membership at Carmel club is by invitation only. To be considered for membership, a member must sponsor you and two other members must act as your endorsers.

Carmel Membership Classifications

Unlimited use of all facilities (Golf, Tennis, Fitness, Pool, Driving Range, Dining & all other events)
Unlimited use of facilities without golf privileges.

Associate Social or Resident:
For individuals between the ages of 21 and 39 we also offer Associate Social and Resident memberships. These programs defer the initiation fee and reduce the monthly fees until the age of 39. 

The Club is owned by its members, governed by an elected Board and managed by a certified professional staff. The Club has several committees charged with ensuring that the facility is operated in a manner that promotes a close-knit member-management relationship.

For more information on membership please contact Philip Dodds, Membership Director, at 704-945-3305 or

~ Experience why Carmel is Club of choice for families in Greater Charlotte ~